News from Subliminal Sounds May 2017


How are you. It’s time again for a new transmission of out of this world music stuff. First off we have some mighty fine new upcoming releases to announce. Lots of other interesting things and gigs coming up. There’s also a little list of some great psychedelic etc records…45s and LPs and some cool reissues. Prices are listed in SEK (Swedish Krona).

Keep on truckin’!

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New upcoming release pre-order:

Träd gräs och stenar tack för kaffet trad gras och stenar thanks for the coofee

TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Tack för kaffet (So Long) (Subliminal Sounds/Gåshud SUB-118-LP G2017-3V)
2LP on clear vinyl – limited edition 250 copies. 300:-
2LP on black vinyl – limited edition 650 copies. 245:-
CD 99:-
The long awaited new album from the legendary piooners of transcendental psychedelic rock music and DIY culture in general. Tack för Kaffet is a tribute to founding members Torbjörn Abelli and Thomas Mera Gartz, both of whom contributed to the album before their deaths, and forms something of a farewell show for the old Träd Gräs och Stenar, with all the old and new members – cofounder Bo Anders Persson, Abelli, Gartz, Jakob Sjöholm, Sigge Krantz, and Reine Fiske (Dungen, The Amazing) – playing and contributing. Recorded live to tape in the band’s countryside music workshop, these seven mind-melting improvisations travel beyond time and space and through the magical unknown, a manifestation of the timelessly organic music and free creation that has been a TGS hallmark since their formation in 1969.


BALL (Horny HOR-666-LP1)
The debut album is finally coming out May 19 and is now available from us for pre-order. One deranged album housed in a gatefold sleeve. What if a mad witchdoctor was able to raise Clyde Stubblefield from the grave to meet up with some bath salt gobbling messed-up pimpled teenage Swedish thrash rockers to create a monstrous and deranged and funky-proto-metal band? Well it just happened…the result: BALL. Intensely disturbed, dirty, smut peddling, Swedish slime hardrock-psych-madness from the deepest cesspool of humanity.  Fucked up subhuman fuzz guitars. Depraved, screaming vocals. Gut rumbling bass and caveman drums. A nightmare of revolting sounds. Ball is hardrock from hell. This is the much-anticipated follow up to the bands acclaimed Fyre Balls single. Ball´s debut album is a deranged hard rock psych tour-de-force that will have you gasping…and gagging. Parental advisory – inside of the gatefold cover features explicit X-rated content. Buy at your own risk! The album comes in a couple of different limited edition sets:
The big Ball package contains:
*180 g transparent red with black splatter vinyl LP ltd 285 copies
*Ball black devil t-shirt (black t-shirt in sizes S to XL. Pick your size)
*Ball devil felt patch
*180 g transparent red with black splatter vinyl LP ltd 285 copies
BALL regular LP   
*Black 140 gram vinyl LP limited edition of 700 copies
BALL CD: Digi-pack CD edition 99:-
The digital version of the album comes in gatefold dici-pack sleeve.

TGS Short Film

And now back again to the upcoming to Träd Gräs och Stenar and their magnificent upcoming new album Tack för Kaffet (So Long). Here’s a sweet short film about it by Jakob.

The Psychedelic Books of Patrick Lundborg

Another really great thing is that we now have Patrick Lundborg’s groundbreaking and much requested books back in print. They are sold exclusively via Amazon so follow the links below to order these.

AAmss_2ndEd_DIGITALVERSION21 cover
The ultimate guide to underground sounds 1965-1982. The book features release details and in-depth reviews for more than 5,000 obscure LPs from the USA and Canada, 1965-1982, including reissue data and value ratings. The main genres are psychedelia, garage, folk & folkrock, hippie rock, progressive rock, and hard-rock. Amazon order link:

PSYCHEDELIA – An Ancient Culture, A Modern Way Of Life
This book is a product of 20 years research and Patrick Lundborg’s greatest achievement. A larger number of people are exploring psychedelic states of mind in the world today than at any other point in history. Their shared experiences form the outline of a vast underground culture, whose steady influence upon society can be traced across thousands of years, back to Amerindian plant drug cults and the psychedelic celebrations in ancient Greece that gave birth to our Western society. But the full scope of this psychedelic culture, and its many expressions in the past, has remained poorly understood or even unknown. Psychedelia has usually been taken as a metaphor, or a symptom of something else, even though its true nature is singular and unparalleled. Psychedelia by Patrick Lundborg is the first-ever book to present psychedelic culture in its full complexity and range. Out of a colorful history that spans 3,500 years, emerges a philosophy and way of life that is as dazzling and rich as the psychedelic experience itself. Here’s the Amazon order link:


26 April TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Folk, Göteborg
27 April TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Blå, Oslo, Norway
28 April TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Folk å Rock, Malmö
29 April TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Jazzhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
18 May TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Under Bron, Stockholm (album release)
19 May BABY GRANDMOTHERS – Scala Teatern, Stockholm
3 June BABY GRANDMOTHERS – Truck Stop Alaska, Göteborg
11 June TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Goodwill festivalen, Gålö
16 June TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Mossagårdsfestivalen
16-17 June TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Garaget, Hammenhög
6 –8 July KEBNEKAJSE – Peace & Love festival
27 July KEBNEKAJSE – Emmaboda festival
28 July KEBNEKAJSE – Löderup Solhällan
4 Aug KEBNEKAJSE – Prästgårdens Cafe, Öland
5 Aug KEBNEKAJSE – Tyrolens progg och visfest, Blädinge
2 Sep KEBNEKAJSE – Uppsala Progressive Festival, Uppsala

See you there! More dates to be announced….

Vinyl LPs

And here’s some nice unique goods up for grabs. Vinyl 7″ and LPs, Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve.


ADOMONO – A Night At The Beachcomber (DECCA DL 74097 US 1961) Vg+/Vg+ tobc wobc 240:-
A fantastic document of the exotica/tiki era. Adomono outerwordly exotic surfy guitar twang live at Donn The Beachcombers tiki bar in Hawaii. Wow! Wish i could have been there. Rarer stereo version.


CORILLIONS – Songs Of Divine Inspiration (Corillions No. 13 US 1977) M-/Ex 280:-
Utterly bizarre private press by true “real people” artist who made several records and weirdly describes in details on the sleeve how he is tourtured with lasers etc etc by communists. The music on this record has an xian theme with the haunting “Mark Of The Beast” being my fave.


DOS-MUKASAN (С60-07677-8 Russia 1977) Vg++ 2500:-
Original Russian 1st press. Dos-Mukasan was a legendary Soviet Kazakh psychedelic/funk/garage/beat band, formed in Alma-Ata in 1967 by students of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. The band was known for performing original material in the Kazakh and Russian languages, a well as for unusual arrangements of Kazakh folk songs. This album has some extended totally mind melting fuzz psych and is definetely the best I’ve ever heard from Russia. Extremely rare. Please note This copy comes with the labels promo sleeve not the picture sleeve of the actual release.


CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND – Safe As Milk (Buddah 203 009 Germany 1968) M-/Vg+ 260:-
Original German 1st press. A very good pressing of this amazing groundbreaking album.


BOB DYLAN AND THE BAND – Royal Albert Hall (The Kornyfon Reissue Series TAKRL-1962-RS US 1974) M-/Vg+++ 280:-


 THE FAUX PAS – Live At Nino’s, Akron, Ohio (Pizza P-1001 US 196?) Vg+/Vg+ 540:-
Very nice copy of this rare and sought after lounge rock private press. The disc has a light (non feelable) mark that goes straight over side two but does not affect play. Cheap pressing so plays with some surface noise.Sleeve is nice and clean except for a seam split at the bottom opening.


 MEL HENKE – La Dolce Henke (Warner Bros. WS 1472 US 1962) Ex/Ex 400:-Great and rare bachelor pad lounge exotica space age extravaganza.


JEFFERSON AIRPLANE – After Bathing At Baxter’s (RCA Victor SF 7926 UK 1967) Vg+/Vg+ 380:-
Original UK 1st pressing with 1K/-1K matrix codes and black labels.


 JACKIE KANNON – Music For Rat Fink Lovers Ex/Ex 260:-
Amazing surreal bachelor pad lounge beauty.


 CHEN FEN LAN – The Lovely Hits (Four Seas Taiwan 196?) Vg+++/ Vg+ 220:-
Awesome Asian femme pop album. Wild and swinging tracks sung in English. Stand-outs are here surreal and wild versions of Besame Mucho and A Taste Of Honey. Rare.


LITE FROST – Variations (Lite Frost 011083 US 1908) S/S 250:-
Legendary boner grail private press LP.


 LITTLE MARCY – Marcy Sings Jesus Loves Me And Other Children’s Songs (WORD US 1974) VG+/VG+ 80:-


MARPLE NEWTON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND AND CHORUS – 1972 Sound Odyssey (Private US 1974) Vg+/Vg+ 380:-
Very rare junior high school band private press. They do an amazing wild and  surreal version Oye Como Va that really flips my lid.


STEVE MILLER BAND – Sailor (Capitol EMI ST-2984) M-/Vg+ 190:-
Nice flip-back cover UK 1st pressing of this great 1968 album.


MORNING GLORY – Two Suns Worth (Fontana SRF-67573 US 1968) M-/Vg+++ cw stoic rw 300:-
Rare pink label promo copy of this much underrated US 1968 psych LP. Lots a great tracks and Jelly Gas Flame will melt your mind.


MU – Lemurian Music (United Artists UAG 29709 UK 1974) M-/Vg+++ 600:-
UK original 1st press of this incredible mind melt psych album with laminated sleeve comes with printed inner sleeve.


JIMMY NAMARO TRIO – Driftwood (Dot DLP 3246 US 1958) Vg+/Vg+++ 300:-
Pretty rare and way cool and mindbending 1958 exotica obscurity.


SMALL FACES – Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake (IMMEDIATE IMSP 012UK 1968) Ex+/Vg+++ 940:-
UK 1968 second issue on Pink Immediate labels with the subtitles on the right hand side.
Released in a circular sleeve that folds open into five panels.


JOHN YLVISAKER – Praise The Lord In Many Voices (Avant Garde US 1967)M- to Vg/Ex- 100:-
Ylvisaker made several albums, two of them reknowned for theiramazing “psychy” style. And both are huge faves here. This album, a split between him and the Medical Sistres and Paulist Folk singers on the flip, is a bit more unknown. But it’s so damn cool as it features the amazing 1st versions of ssome of his psychier songs. So a real treat. The Ylvisaker side is M- and the flip with the other artist has a feelable scratch which makes for some clicking but you wont want to play that side anyhow.


JOHN YLVISAKER – Praise The Lord In Many Voices (CarillionUS 1971) Vg+/Vg+- 220:-
Rarer Ylvisaker album from 1971 and it’s another split LP this time with Edith Norber and the Carillion singers on the flip. Ylvisakers efforts are great as usual with some nice folk rock this time.


GILBERTO GIL – A Arte De 2LP (Fontana Brazil 1975) Vg+/Vg
Nice copy of this great comp including many of his best wild psychedelic works.Original Brazilian pressing.


MADRIGAL (Subliminal Sounds SUB-115-LP)
Green vinyl –limited edition 200 copies. 240:- 
We can finally reveal the amazing background history of this unique record. The story is presented here for the first time in a deluxe 12-page booklet with an in-depth interview plus lots of never before seen photographs. The great-lost Grail’s of the NYC freak underground! Trading hands for $3-4000 on the rare occasions it is offered, Madrigal has grown into a legend among fans of psychedelic drone music. Here’s what Patrick wrote in the Acid Archives book: “…A rather amazing do-it-yourself descent into the murkiest depths of the early 1970s underground. It’s two guys sitting in what sounds like a boiler room, equipped with a drum machine, an electric guitar & bass and some oscillators, hotwiring themselves into the lysergic flow of the Now. The music drones and cavorts while incomprehensible screams and dialogue lurk in the background, as heard through a locked door. The atmosphere is as thick as in a nightmare…”. But Madrigal’s strongest achievement may be the seamless shift from the harrowing visions of machinery and faceless suffering on side 1 into a string of dark, haunting folk-rock numbers on side 2, a transition as natural as if these were simply the two sides of the same unclassifiable coin. Pioneering at the time and still unique today, vague parallels could be made to Suicide, the Patron Saints and Velvet Underground’s third LP, but first and last Madrigal can only be understood on its own”. Re-mastered for superior sound and presented here for the first time with the original artwork.


 POETS (Immidiate UK re) M-/Vg+ 260:-
Sought after and great collection of the band’s singles along with previously unreleased acetates with some killer beat/mod/psych rock. Includes insert with line notes and photos.


 SILHOUTTE SEGMENTS (Private re) M-/Vg+ 130:-
Reissue of mindblowing Xian pop psych album with hip and wacked out naration in the line of Ken Nordine. This was actually broadcasted to the US troops in Vietnam! 


TREES – On The Shore (Decal UK re) M-/Ex 220:-
Exact reissue from thirty years that is now sought after in it’s own right. Incredible UK psych folk we all know and love.

Vinyl 7” / 12”


MARILYN ROSS – Out Of This World / All Of You (Suave US 5?) Vg+ 340:-
Very rare and haunting femme jazz vocal. Complemented by a touch of Latin percussion and her cool jazz accompaniment – this Harold Arlen evergreen is transformed into pure boudoir fantasy with a total beatnik vibe. Recorded for Beverly Hills’s own Suave record label, sometime in the late ’50s, Marily Ross is joined here by West Coast jazz stalwarts Clare Fischer and Red Mitchell.


CHUCK STEPHENS – Pray For Rosemary’s Baby (Jen Jillus US 197?) Vg+ 100:-Totally surreal weirdo mind bender funk about, try figuring this out; Satan’s baby being tossed down the garbage drain and stuff being throw in the garabage on various floors it passes landing on the baby (chinese food etc). How the hell did this guy come up with this imginery? Backing is solid wild raw funk. A tiny chip of vinyl is missing from the outer edge, does not affect play.


BLACK BUSTER – Bump The Bump 12” (Extended Version) (Machine Music re) M 180:-
Green vinyl reissue of superb disco funk from 1975.


 DIDDY’S featuring PAIGE DOUGLAS – Inetrgalactic Love Song (Kickin J) M- 220:-
Fantastic previousley unreleased cosmic funk issued on a limited Japanese pressing.


 CHAMPION JACK DUPREE – Shim Sham Shimm / Drunk Again (Robin US re) M- 65:-
Exact reissue of wild 1954 R&B monster.


CHARLES SHEFFIELD – It’s Your Voodoo Working / Rock N Roll Train (Excello re) M- 65:-
Fantastic 50s R&B.


TOBA – Moving Up 12” (Connection re) M 185:-
Blue reissue of great disco/funk from 1982.


WILD FIRE – Try Making Love (Strakers? Re) M 185:-
Green slime vinyl reissue of awesome Trinidad/Tobago disco/funk from 1977.