News from Subliminal Sounds December 2016


Yo-ho! hope you’re doing good.

Here’s our latest transmission of out of this world artefacts. Starting of with a bunch of ultra obscure psychedelic 8-tracks. Yeah the tape cartridge that most associate with blasting in their car back in the 1960-70s. But it was also designed for in your home hi-fi listening. What really makes these releases so special is they usually featured an alternate mix or mastering of the music most desirable and unavailable elsewhere. And thus some of the more obscure ones has become grails sought after by some psychedelic connoisseurs today. I’m really happy to offer the nice little selection below. Then there’s a few very tasty 45 rarities followed by a short , but pretty darn impressive, list of some very special vinyl records to fry your mind. The main web-site hasn’t been updated yet so don’t look for those titles there. Ok, enjoy!

/Stefan at your psychedelic service depot


We’re happy to announce these tour dates for 2016. Hope to see you there!
25 November ÌXTAHUELE – KomBar, Gothenburg SWE
26 November ÌXTAHUELE – Grand, Malmö, SWE
13 December KEBNEKAJSE – Geronimo’s FGT, Stockholm, SWE

More dates to be announced….

And here’s some nice unique goods up for grabs. Vinyl 7″ and LPs, 8-tracks and posters. Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve.


fifth pipe dream 8-track

FIFTH PIPE DREAM – SAN FRANCISCO SOUND (Mathew Katz Prod. 895-1 1680 M US 1968) Ex/Ex OFFERS
Rare 8-track edition. Complete with the outer paper case. Considering the mastering for the rare LP edition of this must have psych monster sucked pretty badly the 8-track is a dream to own.

carolyn hester coalition 8-track

CAROLYN HESTER COALITION 8-Track (Metromedia GRT 890-1001 US 1968) Ex /Ex 499:-
Rare 8-track edition. Complete with the outer paper case.


JEFF SIMMONS – Lucille Has Messed My Mind UP 8-track (Reprise 8RM-6391 US1969) Vg+180:-
Rare 8-track edition. No slipcase.

sons of champion 8-track

THE SONS OF CHAMPLIN – Loosen Up Naturally (Capitol 8XWW 200 US 1969) VG+ 90:-
Rare 8-track edition. No slipcase.

13th floor elevators psychedelic sounds 8 track

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS – The Psychedelic Sounds Of (International Artists 1 A8S-1 US 1968) Vg+ OFFERS
Rare first 8-track edition with I A logos. IA made supposedly made unique mixdowns for the 8-track editions and this release features the best stereo mix of this album. No slipcase.

13th floor elevators easter everywhere 8 track

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS – Easter Everywhere (International Artists 1 A8S-5 US 1968) Ex OFFERS
Rare first 8-track edition with I A logos. Several tracks on this unique stereo 8-track mixdown supposedly sounds superior to the stereo LP version No slipcase.


psych-out lobby card

PSYCH-OUT   Lobby card posters (American International Pictures US 1968) Ex 950:-
Set of 4 rare original beautiful psychedelic promotional lobby card posters(# 2/5/7/8). Meausres 35,5 x 28 cm each.

Vinyl 7″

cheers somebody to love 7"

CHEERS – Love Me Two Times / Somebody To Love (Decca F44542 Sweden 1968) Ex/Ex 1800:-
The only 45 by this Swedish group the Stockholm suburb Danderyd. Very rare and totally amazing and auperb mod psych versions of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody To Love” with killer fuzz guitar. Was comped on Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils. The flipside which is great too has not been comped yet. The disc is perfect only the fragile center has been removed. The sleeve has gotten a bit yellowish with age otherwise in really nice condition.


CYMBELINE – New York / Sixh Image (Green Light Sweden 1971) Ex/Vg+++ 550:-
Rare and great Swedish psych. The fragile sleeve has some slight bend marks and a tiny tear at the top opening

glad musik för en glad religion Glorymen

GLORYMEN – En Musik För En Glad Religion E.P. (Spectra Sweden 196?) Ex 100:-
The young guys in this Swedish band were all members of the Salvation Army and they were nicknamed the Lords noisemakers by a journalist. This rare and obscure 45 features a stand-out garage track with fuzz guitar. Comes with an xerox sleeve.

idogt sångfestival 1966

IOGT SÅNGFESTIVAL – FALKÖPING 1966 EP (No label Sweden 1966) M-/Ex 600:-
Extremely obscure Swedish EP release from 1966. All the songs are anti booze and sung by young ladies. Though every track is both charming and weird and the opening track “Jag har älskat än yngling” (“I Have Loved A Lad”) sung by Christa Berger has gained some noterioty after being featured in a radio progam it’s the last track “Jag är en ung Godtemplartjej” (“I’m a Young Good Templar Girl” that get’s my top vote. It’s trulu mazingly charming and unique. It also features one of the funniest pieces of lyrics, unfortunately quite untranslatable. The other two young female artists to be featured in this super low budget anti boozing extravaganza are Yvonne Einarsson and Elsie Back. God bless you and cheers!

 howie thyer

HOWIE THAYER AND HIS PSYCHO-ELECTRO HAPPENING – If Death Don’t Get You / Movin Groovin’ Fairy Tale (Psychedelic Sounds US 1968) Vg+ 1800:-
Well here’s the perfect thing…. Insanely rare and obscure custom label, Psychedelic Sounds!!!, 45 out of Illinois 1968 operated out of the Rofran studio (a small colleage connected home studio that is probably the most known for having recorded and also released the Clique’s 45 that turned up on Back From The Grave vol 7). Well this here rare platter would definetely merit for inclusion on the best garage and acid punk comps too but I don’t think it was even known until pretty recently. In fact it’s so damn obscure it even eluded the writers of the “Teen Beat Mayhem!” book, which is a mean feat indeed. Both sides are ultra mad, moronic, garage fuzz mayhems with bizarre vocals and awesomely sloppy (great) playing. Yeeehaaaa baby!!!! Only seen for sale once before. The record has an edge warp that makes for a little thud for the first couple of revelations but absolutely no skips.

Vinyl LPs

ca quintet trip thru hell original

C.A. QUINTET – Trip Thru Hell (Candy Floss CF-7764S US 1969) VG+ -/Ex- OFFERS
Woha!!! Original pressing of this the most legendary US late 1960s underground psych raritiy. And rightly so as it’s cram packed with talent and originality all trough. It’s been the world famous psychedelic grail for several decades now. I’m not going to do any lenghtier description as most of you should know this one by now but only a few have spun the original edition on their record player.The sleeve is still in it’s original shrinkwrap. Andit’s pretty much M- except some very slight whitening at the corners and some marks and whitening at the opening. The disc looks very nice with only some light hairlines and perfect labels. For some odd reason though about half of the 1st track side A has some passive but audiable surface noice, mostly in the left channel, which make this passage play like Vg. There’s really no explanation to this as the disc has been cleaned and the light marks couldn’t cause this. It must be related to the pressing and I’ve heard about several copies that has this partial surface noise. After that the record plays between M- to Vg+ having a few crackles here and there and some very light surface noise which is due to the pressing and which is there on all original copies I’ve heard.


CHAINO – New Sounds In Rock ‘N Roll – Jungle Rock (BACCHUS US re) Ex+/Ex- 90:-
Fantastic comp of Chaino’s amazingly wild and exotic rarities. Rockin’ exotica from the early 60s.

CHRISTIAN YOGA CHURCH – Turn On!! Music For The Hip At Heart

CHRISTIAN YOGA CHURCH – Turn On!! Music For The Hip At Heart (Memorare ES-S 101 US 1967) M-/Vg+++ OFFERS
Wohaaaaaa again! Here’s one of the most special psychedelic LPs ever. And here’s a nice description by the dear old Patrick Lama Sivart Doz: ”Hampered by a misleading ̳group‘ name and an exploitation-looking sleeve, the legend is slowly building around this extraordinary 50-minute tribal spiritual organ-percussion improvisation. With its ancient atmosphere it comes across as a late product of the beatnik seeker era as much as a precursor to the ̳70s communal trip-outs. The Church was a progressive spiritual congregation with connections to the early San Francisco freak scene (it‘s mentioned in Stephen Gaskin‘s Amazing Dope Tales). This album was made for internal use within the organization and had no commercial distribution, which is why it‘s so rare today. Directed by two formally trained musicians, a certain amount of planning and preparation went into the live-recorded, semi-improvised sounds. A spooky reed organ and French horn lead the charge as the music goes through a series of psychedelic chameleon tricks, while different church members tune in to do their bit via percussion, flutes, spinning coins on a table, or mumbling Sanskrit chants. Sound effects, including a real live waterfall in the Church temple, are employed alongside gong chimes. Not really a ̳rock‘ record, but a unique, early psychedelic (the word is used in the liner notes) fringe artifact along the lines of Alan Watts‘ legendary This Is IT, less intense, more eerie, and just as interesting. An unplugged version of Beat Of The Earth also springs to mind. One of my personal favorites in the off- the-beaten-path category, this is also a previously unknown addition to the Haight-Ashbury chronicles. There was a shake-up and change of direction in the Church in the late ̳60s, which contributed to the complete lack of documentation for this album in the past”. Patrick Lundborg / The Acid Archives 2nd Edition Tiny seam split lower right corner. Slightly bumped upper and lower right corner.


ÌXTAHUELE – Call Of The Islands (Subliminal Sounds SUB-113-LP) NEW Limitied edition clear purple vinyl 219:-
ÌXTAHUELE – Call Of The Islands (Subliminal Sounds SUB-113-LP) NEW black vinyl 199:-
ÌXTAHUELE – Call Of The Islands (Subliminal Sounds SUB-114-CD) NEW CD 99:-
Lush and exciting, rich and vibrant, the Exotic Sounds of ÌXTAHUELE are back with their second full length album. Guiding your mind’s eye over oceans and mountains, through jungle and desert, teasing and enticing your ears with layered soundscapes and catchy melodies, you’ll find yourself whistling along on a winding mountain road, stalking through the rainforest, or humming lazily on a tropical beach. Building on their previous releases, both musically and thematically, the group flirts with jazz, mambo, and space age pop, all the while retaining their classic acoustic exotica sound and a high level of musicianship. This is music to lounge by the pool to, this is music for armchair traveling on a cold rainy night, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for a quiet drink with a lover or a friend. Sophisticated and savage, it’s exotica for the modern age!

kristyp lp

KRISTYL (Private PRP-4569 US 1975) M-/Ex OFFERS
Legendary US psych tandem fuzz guitar underground monster album out of Kentucky witn a charming open late US west coast 60s vibe that has been on the map longer than most. 500 press, many of which were thrown out by the band. This is a beautiful original. In fact the best i’ve ever seen. The disc is perfect and the sleeve has the usual slight corner tip bends and some tiny whitening on the corners. Absolutely no ringwear or such.


LINO / P. CASTIGLIONE – Clouds (SPETTO I re) NEW 339:-
The much sought after ‘Clouds’ from the mid-1970s is a classic library release in its purest form. Clearly influenced by Ennio Morricone, the album includes funk and jazz rock gems, smooth and relaxed moments, simple pop interludes and even an experimental excursion. Numbered limited edition reissue of 500 copies only. A new product but we have opened the shrink-wrap to make sure that the disc wasn’t damaged.

paul page the big island says aloha lp

PAUL PAGE – The Big Island Says Aloha (Paradise Records PM 8669 US 1956) Vg++/Vg+ 700:-
Paul Page the unsung hero of Polynesian Pop. A piano player, singer, band director, artist, writer, composer, professional basketball player and much more. He published many albums and wrote hundreds of songs. He loved Hawaiian music, wrote, directed and starred on the very first Polynesian TV show in Hollywood 1949, conducted a Hawaiian big band, and played in Hawaii for many years. Though clearly a child of the pre-Tiki / Hapa Haoele -era his songs also incorporate the concept of the Exotica genre. Here’s a rare chance to score one of his rare and mega obscure but extremely beautiful surreal private press LPs.

pentangle cruel sister

PENTANGLE – Cruel Sister (Transatlantic TRA 228 UK 1970). Ex/Vg++ 300:-
Gatefold white/purple label original of this fantastic UK psych folk winner.

jim roberts more

JIM ROBERTS – More (Krios #01055 US) M-/M- 2099:-
Impossibly rare and totally off the map unknown lounge psych oddity released circa 1969by the mega obscure Krios label out of Las Vegas. Contains both odd covers, like a great lounge psych version of the Youngbloods “Get Together” and really odd originals. Really good all through and I’ve only ever heard about one other copy of this one in the hands of a collector. A true oddity like something from another dimesnion beaming in to our world. Cover still in shrink.


Another collaboration between Sandro Brugnolini and Stefano Torossi, who also worked together on the magnificent ‘Feelings’. ‘Musica Per Commenti Sonori’ (1969) consists of twelve amazing tracks that will excite fans of the wildest funk, producers in search or rare breaks and those with a penchant for the psych-beat atmospheres of the ’60s. This is one of the rarest library music titles ever, never re-released in any form until now. Also contains a bonus CD. A new product but we have opened the shrink-wrap to make sure that the disc wasn’t damaged.


TRIBE – Dedication (Farr US 1977) Ex/Vg+++ 190:-
Great funk LP with lots of cool Moog. Good all through but climaxing on the killer track “Vulcan Voyage” which is a mindblower.